Pre Heresy Imperial Fist Test Model

I’ve been wanting to do a Pre Heresy army for quite some time now and after trying to decide which chapter to do I have come to the conclusion that Imperial Fists would be the ones for me. This is mainly that I do not have any yellow armies and also my main Space Marine army is the Crimson Fists so their founding fathers so to speak would be perfect. The problem is that yellow isn’t easy to paint. At least that was my initial thought. I’m by no means a great painter but I can paint table top standard quality pretty well and in painting this miniature I didn’t find painting yellow to be the struggle I expected. This is mainly down to the awesome Averland Sunset from GW and this fantastic tutorial: Painting Yellow by Dave Taylor. The different between my model and Dave’s is that I opted for a black undercoat as I wanted a darker yellow. I also used Bleached Bone instead of Pale Sand but apart from that all the other colours I used were the same as on Dave’s tutorial.

To give the model a more realistic feel I wanted to add some battle damage. Again I’m no expert in this field but found another great tutorial for painting damage. The painting battle damage by Brush Brothers really gave me a very good step by step guide to follow for realistic battle damage. They also have as part of that tutorial a way for painting yellow. I’m of course no where near as good as the painters in the above two articles but I aspire t one day reach their level and tutorials like this are a great way for painters to reach a higher level. I may not be at their standard yet but practice will make perfect. It’s my aim over the next few months to find some miniature painters to share tips and tutorials on this very blog.

So anyway on to the miniature. I used the MKIII Space Marine parts from Forgeworld and also the shield from the Space Marine Boarding kit and a Pre Heresy boltgun. The Mark II and Mark III armour really represents the Imperial Fists well in my opinion. That whole siege image fits well with these armour types so they will feature heavily in my army. The boarding shield again adds to this image.

Pre Heresy Imperial Fist

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