Primarch Project – Forgeworld Officially Announce Angron Model

When I first hear a couple of months back that Forgeworld were doing Primarch models I was caught in two minds. On one hand I already have a few models from alternative sources so didn’t really wish to buy them again, on the other hand it meant they would also be releasing rules so I could use the models I have and fill in the gaps with superior FW quality models.

The first Primarch to be released by Forgeworld is Angron from the World Eaters legion. He is a whopping £50 which has pretty much answered my query on whether I bother buying Fulgrim and Mortarion (the two to be rumoured next) to replace the ones I already have and if they also come in at £50 each then the answer will most certainly be no despite the superior quality. It’s likely I will buy this version of Angron to add to my collection. The scale of the model looks about right compared to what I already have and I love his dynamic pose. So expect to see my Angron model on this blog in a couple of months when FW release him on their website. I’m not lucky enough to be at GamesDay this year so will have to wait. In the meantime here are some photos of Angron from the FW website.

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