Represent Sanguinius and Mortarion with Scibor

The next two models I’m going to show you from my project are the cheapest two of the bunch as they are readily available from Scibor. You may be familiar with the Scibor conversion parts I sell on the website but they also make full character models which are great to represent characters in 40k due to their size and detail. Like a lot of these 3rd party websites you get the odd parts/models that are used to represent something from GW’s 40K universe and these two models fall into that category. I was a bit weary about the scale of these models but they are roughly the same size as my other primarch models and fit right in.

The first one is the 28mm Sci Fi Archangel which makes an excellent Sanguinius. The model pictured below is from Scibor’s website. I wanted to show off their excellent NMM gold as it’s just so gorgeous. I have been practicing this technique on small areas of my Primarch Corax model which you’ll see fully painted in the next post of this series. When it comes to my Sanguinius I’m going to paint him red and gold like the artwork on the Primarch’s book cover and also how he’s described in Deliverance Lost I believe.

The next model is called SF Angel of Death and he represents the Death Guard Primarch Mortarion. My original plan was to convert him using the Nightbringer like this guy on Warseer has done excellently, however he is large enough just how he is and I didn’t want him to look huge compared to the other Primarches. He already stands out due to his large wings.

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