Screaming Heretic Segment – Orks and Tyranid Conversions

In the latest episode of the conversion segment on the Screaming Heretic podcast we talk about these Orks combined with Tyranid conversions sent into us by Paul Smith. This is the description and the photos he provided us with:

Having come up with a good background story for orks using nids as beasts of burden (sush as my truck being pulled by a carnifex and my storm boyz being carried by gargoyles), I wanted something monumental for my hardest unit. So as I had cyber mega nobz I decided to give them tyranid legs as thier cyber upgrade. The normal mega armoured figure would be too heavy looking so I got a box of normal nobz. I then obtained 4 pairs of tyranid warriors torsos and legs. Cutting the lower abdomen of the nob body allowed a snug fit onto the unadjusted warrior legs. I created a sturdy looking belt with green stuff on each model as the waist looked too thin. A few pipes and bracket later and the main body was done. I added a loin guard made from nid carapce, as well as a back and should plate also made from nid pieces. An extra piece of plastic girder was added to the upper shoulders to make the armour appear sturdier. The arms areĀ  normal power claw/saw on one side, straight from the nob box. The other arm is a combi scortcha which I created by combining a normal slugga arm, with a shoota (both out of a normal boyz box). I then created scotchas out of various flamer types I found in my bitz box and attached to the side.

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