Simple Zombie Paint Scheme

Mantic Kings of War Zombies as Plague Zombies

I’ve had a couple of requests asking how I painted my Mantic Zombies that I use for Plague Zombies in my Chaos army so I thought I would make a tutorial on how I painted them. As with most of my painting tutorials this is not meant to be golden demon winning (as I’m no where near that stage) but it is a good table top quality that you can also paint quickly and easily regardless of your skill level.

After giving the model a black undercoat it is then basecoated with a 70/30 mix of GW XV-88 and Vallejo GC Dead Flesh.


I then give the model a dry brush of pure Dead Flesh as well as paint any other details such as bits of bone, blood etc. The rags are painted with VGC Charred brown.


The entire model is when washed with GW Athonian Camoshade. This colour works excellently with the VGC dead flesh in my opinion.


I then paint the models base as well as highlighting the bone areas and painting the eyes.


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