So middle of the year …….

So June already my my doesn’t time fly, erm so back to my Swords of Aquilla Chapter i cant seem to find the photos on my comp but i do have a link to them :

That should hopefully take you to them so you can see what ive done and what im in the middle of doing.

so plans for the next month are to get the rest of what i can painted up as i dont really have alot of time during work hours -.- lol as we are hitting the busy camping period aka summer ! my out of work hours are spent with my girlfriend and trying to find us some place to live so inbetween all that i shall get what i can done but hey ! it will get done sooner or later haha
ive also got a side chaos army that needs painting and my chaos lord needs filling in with green stuff ! just to make him look that bit more intimidating and along side that i have my imperial guard that need finishing ……… hhmm some thing of a habbit there starting but not finishing.
so on that note i will finish this and leave it at that short and well maybe not so sweet lol happy gaming and happy converting and building and what ever else it is you guys and gals do out there ciao !

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