Some Musings About Allies In 40K

So the subject of allies has came up a few times recently within my gaming circle and after a recent game it was clear to me that my Chaos Space Marine army could benefit from allies so I thought I would right this article about my thoughts on some of my plans with allies in the near future.

tumblr_lsb7xoT5jT1qjo5noMy original plan was to use Chaos Daemons as allies for my Chaos Space Marines. Seems like an obvious choice, except that the list I run for CSM is not extremely shooty and Chaos Daemons offer very little in terms of shooting. I use a lot of plague zombies who have no shooting and a lot of other nurgle themed units such as Spawn with MoN and Bikers with MoN. My main shooting unit are my havocs. I found that I really lack a lot of small arm fire in numbers but I’m not too keen on just replacing zombies with cultists as I really do like being able to take zombies. So despite really loving the Bloodthirster I will keep my daemons as a separate army and maybe in the future add the likes of cultists and havocs to them via allies to give them some shooting options themselves.

So this brings me onto the most important thing when it comes to choosing allies in my opinion and that’s finding some allies who compliment your main army. The potential is there to make some really well balanced lists that are all round good at a bit of everything which is what I look for in an army. You may want something really shooty or something really good in assault but in my experience in 6th Edition an all round army fairs quite well as does shooty armies, yet heavy assault based armies can fall short unless they are really fast.

So what are my options? One army I may make a small allied force of is Tau. Considering that everyone apart from Tyranids can take Tau as allies makes them a great army just to have lying around anyway. Lets say like me you have a small gaming club or you run a store that people can play in. Having some Tau which almost everyone can take is a great option. You may want to play larger games but your potential opponents don’t have enough models for a larger game but by having some Tau available for them to use would allow them to do so. This is something I want to do in my game club and in time I will. So Tau are an option for my Chaos. Although I really don’t like Tau and Chaos fighting side by side, they do offer some great shooting options and really cool models.

The other army I really like are Imperial Guard. I already have a lot of zombies and an IG infantry platoon would really add even more numbers to my army as well as a lot of different shooting options. They have plenty of other units that I really like such as Vendettas, Lemas Russ tanks and Sentinels. The only drawback is that they would require myself purchasing a lot of models. I’m leaning towards IG despite most likely buying Tau for my club anyway so I may try to proxy some IG with cultist models before I jump right in.

I would love to hear about other people’s experiences and use of allies in 40K.

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  1. I love combining CSM with my daemons. The whole allies thing has really allowed me to play for once with all my toys instead of one army at a time. It has really reinvigorated my hobby. I even took tau off the shelf befoe the new codex came out, just to play them as an ally for my daemons…

    • I’ll certainly use some CSM as allies for my Daemons, I love the Daemon dex too much to have them as the allies, they will be the primary army. I think in games using CSM as the primary army IG allies will be very tempting. As you rightly said being able to use all of your toys is a great thing.

  2. I have a very large CSM army and now have a fairly good traitor guard army. I have to say.. they are SO much fun. They give a real dynamic to a battle both in tactics and fluff. Throwing hordes of renegade guard in to die in front of a squad of marines or supporting with hellish fire from mutated Leman Russes! I loved converting every single model to give a real renegade look to the army. It just feels so right to run RIG with CSMs 🙂

    I used to play Tau a few codices back, but I just can’t get my head around working Tau into my force.

    Here’s a link to Dave Taylor’s conversions.. they are astounding:

  3. im an IG player and they work extremely well with SM ( im anti chaos :p) but not so much with tau unless u take very minimum fire warriors and more suits.apart from there weapons they are a lot like guard

  4. the main problem I have with allies is people abusing them, like for example taking Tau with everything. I myself feel more restricted, I feel the best way to do Allies is to look at the army your playing, look at the fluff of your faction AND then build your allies from there, for example an all Khorne CSM army with Khorne Daemons as allies, which I think is sweet, or Iron Warriors with IG allies, again a great, fluffy combination

    Grey Knights and Necrons? yeah have a laugh…

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