Space Marine Tactical Squads. Old vs New

So the Space Marines have been out for a few days now and a lot of focus has been on the new codex, Sternguard and Vanguard because they are awesome, the Centurions because they are not so (although I’m starting to like them) but the tactical squad has been pushed aside a little bit. At first glance you may think that GW have added a full suit of MK6 armour, a bnackpack for the missile launcher and grav weapons, however there’s so much more to this box and I want to use this article to go through all the subtle improvements this box brings vs the old box.


There’s so much more variety in the new box. There’s now 10 different torso fronts instead of 6, 9 different boltguns instead of just 3, 9 backpacks (and the missile launcher backpack) instead of just 3 and 15 different types of heads instead of 8. There are also 4 pairs of mark 6 legs and a single pair of mk 4 legs, which are not pictured anywhere on the box, so I thought I’d picture them below.


Extra Details

There are lots of subtle little differences which I really love in this set. From the eagle head on the combat knife to the appearance of aquilas on the meltagun, and the cloth and purity seals. I really like these small touches as they make the tactical squad look more detailed without adding all the extra bling that you see in the Sternguard and Vanguard sets.



Cleaner Sculpts

Even the parts that have not changed their appearance just look nicer. The sculpt seems cleaner with sharper lines and finer details. It’s pretty difficult to show on the photos but when you see this box in person you’ll instantly notice the difference. The pouches especially seem cleaner as does the heads and the backpacks.

space_marine_5 space_marine_6

So that’s just a quick run down of a few improvements. Lets not forget about all the extra parts for your veteran sergeant such as a power sword, power fist and combi weapon! Shame there wasn’t a power axe, maybe I’m asking too much….

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  1. Really like the new box, it’s a smart improvement over the old one yet doesn’t blow it away so much that we have to replace all our old marines!

    Top marks to GW for not totally marking it up too, they could have quite easily gone to 5 per box but didn’t.

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