Tau, Dark Eldar and Inquisition Conversions

You may remember that I used to have a conversion segment on The Screaming Heretic podcast. Unfortunately over the last few months I haven’t been able to record any however the inbox does have a few outstanding conversions in it and I wanted to share them as features on this blog.

I’m going to start off by showing off a few conversions that were sent in by Jeroen Brugman who’s work can be found on his Deviant Art page. http://www.jeroenbrugman.deviantart.com/gallery/

The first of these conversions is his Inquisitorial Crusader

The Crusader is a sister of battle heavy (I think the heavy flamer model) the banner is from the empire flagelants, with censers added from a dark angel sprue. The right arm is from a space marine scut with a shield from the Dreadknight kit added. The left arm is from the space marine commander set with a flaming sword from the empire wizard set. The cyberskull was added for flavor (the Inquisitor in question has strong ties to the adeptus mechanicus).


The second model that was sent in was this Renegade Imperial Guard Medic

The medic is from a renegade imperial guard force. The body is an empire flagellant, the back was cut out and I placed Fabius Bile’s backpack into that. I added the back tabard to cover the filling. The head is from the plastic daemonette set.


Next up is this Tau Etherial

An old metal miniature combined with new plastic.

The basis for the conversion is a Aun Shi Tau Ethereal body. (it was purchased from a bitz bin at a convention)

I added the claw from a Necron Lord instead of his weapon arm and put a shieldgenerator on his head as, well a hat. (did need to cut of a bit of the scalp to make it fit, but that is a small price to pay).

Then the new Codex came out and I purchased a Riptide with the intention to convert it into a Dreadknight (so if you know anyone looking for some huge Tau guns, I have spares). I’ll send you a picture of that as well, when it’s done.

I took the shield and made it into the anti-grav hoverboard thingie you see here. I think he’s cool, and will look great in my sea of Kroot.


And finally there are these really awesome conversions of Dark Eldar Grotesques

I also went overboard on my Dark Eldar Grotesques, based on Vargeist models with added spare bits from the Talos Pain Engine.


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