The New 40k Psychic Phase

Earlier in the week I made a little video going over how the new Warhammer 40,000 psychic phase works.

I thought I would add to this with a little article giving my initial thoughts on this. I am happy with the addition of this. There were initial concerns when I first heard about it that it could be like the Warhammer Fantasy magic phase but luckily it’s not quite the same. There’s always been times in games when players have forgotten to make psychic powers such as blessings or didn’t do them at the right time at least. One thing this new phase does is eliminate that element from the game. It also makes psychic powers more straight forward to roll and the dice pool adds a more tactical element to spell casting as it makes you have to decide how many dice to use for each power and deny the witch.

I like the new perils of the warp table. It can be quite deadly but it’s effects at least makes the psyker’s almost redundant leadership value come into play. I like that a roll of 6 actually makes your psyker better but a roll of 1 kills him and his unit if he fails a leadership check.

We are without a doubt going to see more psyker’s on the table. They became increasingly popular over 6th edition’s short life span and I expect that popularity to grow. I certainly want to try a few more myself. There’s been a lot of talk about the daemonology powers and invisibility from the telepathy tree being the early edition game breakers. I have yet to try out daemonology but I’m looking forward to trying it out if it’s not too broken. Call me old fashioned but I miss the days when a greater daemon would burst out from one of my HQ choices.

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