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This Order Spent 3 Months With Royal Mail

Today this monstrosity of a mutilated order arrived in the post. I get returns every once in a while. Usually if an address is incomplete from an order or it couldn't be delivered for whatever reason it will eventually find it's way back. This usually takes a few weeks with International orders or a week with UK orders. This particular order finally arrived back after three months and it's in a shocking state.

Now I've had orders back in the past that have had foot prints on them and I've even seen bike tyre marks on returned items too. It shows the level of care Royal Mail takes sometimes with orders and I do apologise on their behalf if you've ever had an order from us look a bit worse for wear. This order though really takes the biscuit. It's dirty, it's has what looks like coffee spilled on it and it's even got a hole in the front. The original address has completely worn off the label on the front. The back of it looks so dirty and worn that at first it looks like it's been set alight.

I wont publicly name the person whose order this was. It has been long assumed missing and they have had a refund. The order itself is very small so I would assume they have easily been able to obtain this bits long since now from elsewhere.

Moral of the story: Please triple check your delivery address is correct so your order wont suffer the same fate as this one. It's worth noting that our system overrides PayPal so whichever address you use for Paypal wont be used unless you also type it in on our website.

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  • Chris Knight

    I orderd something off ebay not long ago the envelope came with a hole in it and the item had fallen out so I was left with an empty envelope. Great work royal mail keep putting price of mail up and service gets worse. On top of that were lucky if mail comes before 2pm… Bring back the days of 2 deliveries a day.

  • Mika Tuunanen

    Haha.. Wow.. That package actually aint returned by Royal Mail, but Itella (which is Finnish postal operator) :-p

    (reasons for return: [x] Unknown and [x] Ambiguous/Unclear Address.)

    So the package had made it’s way to atleast Helsinki Airport via airmail 🙂
    (tho, most likely those ‘coffee’ stains and what not have indeed occurred on British soil :-p)

  • Filip Westerlund

    So what was in it?

  • Neil de Carteret

    Coffee stain… or blood?

  •ï-Van-Eetvelde/100000727952982 Nicolaï Van Eetvelde

    I would never accept a package like that. And if it’s dropped in my mail box, then I would file a complaint.