Using Mantic Zombies as Plague Zombies

Mantic Kings of War Zombies as Plague Zombies

When the Chaos Space Marine codex dropped one unit that really stood out were the plague zombies. They seem very cost effective in terms of points and you can field a whole load of them. Apart from the GW Vampire Counts Zombie kit there aren’t really any other zombie models from GW to use as these but there are plenty of alternatives. The most common of these alternatives are the Zombie Horde from Mantic’s Kings of War series. At just £34.99 for 60 of these you’re getting each model for roughly 58p which is an absolute bargain. I plan to run 60 of these in 3 20 man squads when I revise my list and I already have 20 GW zombies but to be honest I would much rather use these. They do only have a very limited number of poses. As you can see from the sprue below you only get 6 different head options, 3 body, arm and leg options plus one part to use for zombies coming out the ground.

Mantic Zombie Sprue

This isn’t much of an issue to me for such a large expendable squad. I don’t want to spend hours converting them or kit bashing to make them all unique. I just want a cheap horde that I can build fast.

Compared to a GW zombie these are taller and their proportions are more realistic. The arms seem very odd on the GW ones. They seem too wide compared to where they attach onto the bodies which make them look a bit strange and the heads seem a bit on the large size, which are another couple of reasons why I prefer the Mantic ones over the GW ones.

GW Zombie and Mantic Zombie

One downside to these however is their bases. Their legs are all attached to a small round base and the feet are far too fragile to cut off these without damaging the model. I decided the best way to combat this was to glue them on a regular standard GW base and greenstuff around it. Then I could cover it with flock and you wouldn’t be able to notice. If you’re planning on making loads of these then green stuff might not be a cheap option but miliput or even blu tac will work.

Unpainted Mantic Zombie  Mantic Zombie 2





I will be writing an article on how I painted my Zombies on the near future. The scheme is very quick and easy to do and looks very good for a tabletop quality standard.

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