Using Other Stuff Chaos List

Before the new Chaos Codex released I had several other units that I was using in 5th Edition. I also bought a couple of Dark Vengeance sets. Then the codex released and I went for a Typhus zombie list. I have enough stuff left over with a couple of units from the Typhus list in order to make another list from the codex that I plan on trying out sometime.


Chaos Lord – 160pts
Terminator Armour, Axe of Blind Fury, Gift of Mutation, Mark of Khorne

Kharn The Betrayer – 160pts


20 Chaos Cultists – 100pts
2x Flamers

20 Chaos Cultists -117pts
Autoguns, 2x Heavy Stubber

8 Khorne Berserkers -253pts
7 Chainaxes, 2x Plasma Pistols, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol


Hellbrute – 100pts


Helldrake – 170pts

5 Raptors -150pts
2x Plasmagun, Power Axe, Combi Plasma


Chaos Land Raider – 230pts

5 Havocs -135pts
2x Autocannons, 2x Lascannons

Forgefiend -175pts

TOTAL 1750pts

I plan to run Kharn with the close combat Cultists and the Lord with the Berserkers in the land raider. I’ve been very impressed with the Heldrake lately, the baleflamer is a menace against Devastator squads. The havocs have 2 lascannons and 2 autocannons. This is a load out I’m moving to on the Typhus list. I have found that once the light armour is destroyed by the autocannons the squad is almost useless. The lascannons gives them a better chance against heavier armoured vehicles and power and terminator armoured infantry. The raptors are a cheap mobile unit with plenty of plasma fire power. I am looking forward to trying those out. I didn’t really want to give chainaxes to the Berserkers but I had the exact amount of points spare so I thought why not?

Hopefully I will give this list a good run out in the near future.

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