Warhammer Fantasy Gatehouse/Toll Gate

Its a factor of many things…lack of cash…you don’t like any of the scenery available…there has been a massive flood, everywhere is 20 feet under water and your now forced to live in a tree house…whatever the reason may be, don’t panic, there are a number of items laying around the house that can be transformed into flowing rivers, craggy mountains, impassible terrain or even towering…towers.

With easy to understand step by step instructions, Ill talk you through making your very own Warhammer Fantasy Gatehouse/Tollgate.

Please keep in mind, to make it more fun and rewarding, you may want to use different resources. Have fun with it, because that’s what its all about.

So, I guess i should begin at the beginning.

When I first got into the hobby, I was amazed by the scenery that was readily available, but disappointed at the cost. That’s where it began…speaking of


Find a suitable sized box for your Gatehouse, I used an old cat food storage box ( 15 inches long and 8 inches high) wouldn’t hurt to have a few more too. Ill make them into a simple but effective wall later on.

If the box needs to be tidied up, use masking tape as it can easily be painted over.


On the front and back of your taped up box, find the middle and mark out your doorway, I made mine 6 inches high and 5 inches wide (I wanted an imposing looking gateway).

You may like to have an arched gate, but i opted to mate it straight.


Using a modeling knife (be VERY careful), cut out your doorways and make sure to keep the bits you have just cut out.

Now you should have a clear way through the gatehouse.


Using the bits of cardboard you have just cut out, use them (each on one side) to cover up the gap on the inside so your not left with a hollow looking structure. Secure it in place with pva glue or masking tape. If there are any gaps, use however much cardboard required to tidy it up.


Now for the effect of the walls, I opted for polystyrene ceiling tiles, as these come in various sizes and textures…and there very cheap.

Lay down your gatehouse on the tiles (doing it this way makes a more exact outline), and mark out. I only opted to have the crenelations only on the front (I guess I wont be attacked from the rear lol)

So you need to mark out two sides, one front with crenelations and one for the rear.

Using a hot wire cutter/modeling knife (be VERY careful) cut out the doorways on the front and back, then cut out your crenelations.

TIP: if you use masking tape and mark out where needs to be cut, you will have a sturdy guide and it will look neater.


Once you have all your tiles cut out and ready, spread pva glue over the tile (best to do it one by one) and place the glued tiles onto your cardboard structure. Once you have all four sides covered, secure in place with masking tape. Then leave to dry overnight, it might be worth putting a couple of heavy books on top (lay your gatehouse on its front) to make sure the glue will bond strongly.


Once the glue has dried, carefully remove the masking tape and inspect to see if all the glue has dried.

To make the door/gate, use thicker card and make ‘hinges’ by getting a bit of masking tape and folding it in half (so it sticks to itself). Make sure you leave a bit of tape exposed so you can glue it in place. This tape will be covered up soon.

Now cut out some rectangular pieces of card (cereal boxes are the best) in various sizes, all depending if you want neat looking brickwork, or some large bricks and some small. Also you will need some larger pieces of card bricks to go around the gate, covering your gate hinges. Water down some pva and using an old paintbrush, spread it over the top of your gatehouse (where your models will stand lol). Then simply arrange your card bricks how ever you wish, do the same for around the gate (front and back) To add an extra bit of detail, cover up the corners with large/small bricks  and put a few random bricks around your gatehouse. If you like, add some tiles to the crenelations to make it look a bit neater.

Once your happy with your work, leave to dry.


Now all that’s left to do is paint your gatehouse, feel free to add extra details. Windows, ledges or anything that comes to mind. Once your gatehouse is painted, you may like to leave it as is, or stick it on a base to make it more secure.

Hope this was useful. Have fun with it, that’s what the hobbies all about.


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