The New Bitzbox Website is Coming Soon

We’re in the process of building a brand new website for Bitzbox and this will cause some changes and a little bit of disruption in the coming months. Our aim is for the new website to be live in May or June of this year. The website will see exciting new features which we will go into more detail in the future. For now we want to list what’s going to happen in the meantime:

  • Our 3d printed resin items will be on a temporary hiatus starting in April 2024. This allows us to free up more time to work on the new website. This will see everything in our resin section being unavailable until the new website launches. On the new website we will also be overhauling this section to include lots of different size options and even more bits!
  • We will be closing our Patreon page. We don’t market it very often and feel like this is the best time to close it. We will keep free shipping codes available until the new website is launched. We’ll be able to offer far more store wide discounts, reward points etc. on the new store to fill the gap.
  • I’m also taking a hiatus from our Youtube channel. I will leave the channel up but it’s unlikely we will have many if any new videos in the near future.
  • Once we have added the new Dark Angel miniatures we will be adding no more new releases to the current website, instead they will go straight onto the new website ready for it’s launch.
  • Restocks are likely to slow down as we near the new website’s launch. Stock levels will gradually move over to the new website too, so once you start seeing the current store looking really depleted, you will know that the new store will be close to launching
  • We won’t be importing customer accounts onto the new website so you will all need to create a new account once it’s up and running

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